I have had a professional relationship dating back over a decade with Yaron Hassid and Platinum Properties. Yaron has sold out a number of projects for me and has always been the consummate professional and out of the box thinker. His passion, energy and honesty are incomparable making him the ideal representative for sales and leasing throughout Los Angeles.
It is with great pleasure that we write to recommend the services of Yaron Hassid, Realtor extraordinaire. He made the process very easy and painless for me to sell out multiple units in condo projects. He listened to what I wanted and did not pressure us to look beyond the parameters I set. He delivered on his vision for our properties. He recommended the very best in the field to aid us, from escrow officers to home inspectors. His advice and guidance through this process was invaluable. His attention to detail, knowledge of the field and no-pressure approach were greatly appreciated. Anybody that buys or sells property in Los Angeles and does not use Yaron will surely have a less than optimal experience. Yaron is simply the best.
When I wanted to develop I called Yaron for his advice and it was invaluable.
If you prefer to do business with people who are good at what they do, you’ve got lots of options. But if you also want the people you do business with to be truly good people, look no further than Yaron, a man who considers kindness and generosity among his most important business assets.
Mr. Hassid is old school as that term is best used. He is professional and highly experiences in his field. More importantly, he takes the time to help and guide others in becoming successful. A very high recommendation for this gentleman.
As a Real Estate Broker myself, I have the pleasure of working with Yaron very closely on completing a complicated deal. It was a pleasure to have Yaron on the other side, as a professional! Thanks Yaron, looking forward to do more business together. Yair Harpaz - Real Estate Broker
When it comes to real estate, YARON HASSID IS ALL YOU NEED!
Platinum Properties is simply the best. Yaron Hassid is a remarkable individual who is extremely professional, passionate, devoted, and caring. He is a wonderful mentor and business man, with expert level knowledge and experience in real estate, law, and business. His advice and guidance is priceless and highly recommended!
I have had the pleasure working with Yaron in many occasions; and, I have always had an enjoyable experience. Both he and his team members are knowledgeable in what they do and offer a great customer service experience. In the past couple of years Yaron has started a mentorship program for business people of different age to come together to listen to his interesting featured speakers and be inspired by them. I have been to many of this programs and highly recommend them.
You are being so reasonable and so nice - If everybody I ran into had your attitude as an attorney I would be out of a job.
When you work with Yaron, there is never a doubt that he has your interests first above all. He is honest and works hard. You simply can go wrong with him.
Yaron is amazing to work with. No matter how complex or tight of a timeline Yaron can get it done. Yaron was responsive, honest, and followed through. It was an absolute pleasure to do business with him.
For you Realtors out there, you understand how rare it is to find a Realtor who acts with integrity and transparency while still honoring their fiduciary responsibility to their clients. Yaron Hassid is one such professional.
Experienced agent in his field. Yaron is a very friendly and approachable agent, and more importantly as a person.
I think platinum properties to be very professional. The staff is nice and kind, and the get the job done nicely.
Yaron adds substantial benefit to developers. I am an architect who has worked with Yaron’s clients for years and his input and understanding of the process of development and buyers desires is invaluable.
No words truly describe Yaron’s goodness. He’s experienced, very professional, hard working, warm, kind-hearted and respectful person. He goes above and beyond to meet your needs and expectations. He works hard to ensure your happiness. Such an honest and trustable man. With Yaron Hassid, you're in great hands!
You are in good hands when working with Yaron. He has the wisdom and experience and he works hard to get you exactly what you need.